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Our Focus

In the Show Ring


We attend several shows every year and are proud of our girl's success.  Most of our does obtain finished champion status by three years of age along with their milk star.  Our focus is a modern style doe, long and tall, with strong feet and legs and well attached mammaries. 


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  Who we are


We are a small herd of ADGA Purebred Lamancha Dairy Goats located in Terre Haute, Indiana.  Our goal is to breed a goat that not only excels in the show ring, but also produces well and is long lived.  To that end, we  attend numerous shows a year at the county, state and national level, and we also participate in ADGA's LA and DHIR testing programs.  We test for CAE yearly and invite other wellness testing at our buyer's request, including DNA testing.


     Our sons, Roman and Blade, are active members of our local 4-H program and we offer  discounts  to young  people  enrolled  in 4-H.  


     We feel very fortunate for your interest in our herd and hope you will contact us with any questions you may have. 


        We hope you enjoy your visit to our site!

Our Focus

Quality Breeding Stock


We are committed to breeding well rounded animals who not only hold their own in the show ring, but also prove themselves in the milkroom.  We participate in both the DHIR and LA programs.