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Manzinita Farm Lamanchas

& Spanish Mastiffs

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Thank you for your interest in my herd!  I am a small herd of ADGA Purebred Lamancha Dairy Goats located in Eureka, Montana and guarded by Spanish Mastiff livestock guardian dogs.  Like many others, I first got started with dairy goats as a result of my youngest children being lactose intolerant which evolved into them showing in 4-H and then finally we started attending ADGA open shows. I have been very fortunate in that I was able to purchase quality genetics as my foundation animals which has led to having great successes showing at the local, state and national level.  I can't stress enough how important a good foundation is for a successful and healthy herd. To that end, I test yearly for CAE, have never had CL or Johnes and invite other testing at buyer's expense. 

I strive to breed animals that are multifunctional.  Does here must be easy keepers, they must milk well and they must be able to reproduce themselves at a minimum, with the goal being that they consistently produce kids that are an improvement over themselves.  My preferred style is a long/tall/level doe but I look at the entire package as style alone won't keep a doe here if she doesn't have a well attached mammary system, strong and straight feet and legs and the dairy strength necessary to keep her productive into old age.  I have recently started using my dairy does to pack my hiking gear into the backcountry as well... as I said, multifunctional.


 I participate in both the DHIR and LA programs and my bucks all have DNA on file.  Rest assured that if you have a Manzinita Lamancha in your herd, you know you are getting a quality animal with the genetics you expect and with no unwelcome surprises.  I provide service after the sale as well.  I'm always willing to help you with whatever questions you may have concerning your new addition.  I strive to provide each buyer with exactly what they are looking for and if that is not a goat from my herd, I will do what I can to direct you to another breeder.  I want to insure that you are getting an animal that will suit your needs and be a good fit for you in their new herd, even if it isn't one of mine. 

Again, thank you for your visit to my website today and happy goating! 


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