Lamancha Outstanding Exhibitor

I was so honored to be the recipient of the 1st ever Lamancha Outstanding Exhibitor award at the 2017 National show.  This is a new award for 2017 and is presented to one exhibitor per breed based on 
 Sportsmanship, Barn Etiquette and Showring Etiquette. 

On the road to Madison, WI.  I never could have done it by myself and I was so grateful that Anna Dean agreed to come with me for our week long adventure in Madison.  Getting all those goats ready, showing them, milking, care, feeding, set up and tear down... Anna was there every step of the way.  I couldn't ask for a better partner in crime!

Anna milking Emu

Anna's home sweet home

Being a show goat is hard work!

Our herd display.  

Ribbons from the Junior Show 


6th Place Junior Kid - Manzinita Farm High Jinks

6th Place Senior Kid - Manzinita Farm Admire Kismet

14th Place Senior Kid - Manzinita Farm KE Hellfire

18th Place Senior Kid - Manzinita Farm KE Spitfire

5th Place Senior Dry Yearling - Manzinita Farm Super Freak

9th Place Senior Dry Yearling - Manzinita Farm Mad Resurection

5th Place Best 3 Junior Does (Jinks, Kismet, Freak)

6th Place Jr. Get of Sire (J-Haven's Liv'en w/ Admiration)

The BEST part of the show?  Spending time with friends and just enjoying our goats and our time together!

Can't wait till next year so we can do it all over again.  See you all in Columbus, Ohio in 2018!!

2017 National Show