Autumn-Acres Erotica

Planned breeding for 2014/15:

Autumn-Acres Day Blizzard


Tammy from Autumn-Acres had this to say about Erotica. "Erotica  is very correct and has a beautiful topline and exceptionally level rump. She will be kept dry for 2014 and we look forward to showing her as a dry yearling."  We couldn't agree more!


Erotica has been steadly moving up in the placings all year as she finally starts to pull it all together.  She was able to earn her dry leg at our last show of the season.  YEAH!


DOB: 4/12/2013


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1 x 1

1 x 2nd

1 x GCH



Show Placings

Sire's Dam:  Altrece Divine by Choice


Sire's Sire: Autumn-Acres Pitch Black

Dam:  CH Autumn-Acres TS Omega

Dam's Dam: CH Autumn-Acres Talon's Tressa


Dam's Sire: Willow Run WRP Sirius Black

Sire's Dam:  Altrece Divine By Choice

Dam's Dam:  CH Autumn-Acres Talon's Tressa