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Hiking Waiver

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Who Are We

Liability Waivers

Our waivers are written agreements that outline common activities and risks that can happen while you are having fun on the farm or during the hike. Although waivers are primarily legal tools, they also serve an educational purpose by letting you know about the potential risks of an activity. You can determine if this activity is right for you. Often that's all it takes to understand, and hopefully, avoid accidents and misunderstandings. Anyone who refuses to sign a waiver prior to the activity may not participate. Nor may the individual alter or delete any language in the waiver. Waivers cannot be signed by minors. Activity participants under 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Animal Waiver

I understand that the behavior and actions of any animal can be unpredictable and that in working with animals, personal injury or property damage may occur. Being aware of the risks that may be involved, I indemnify and hold harmless Manzinita Lamanchas, Montana Pack Goat Experience and/or their volunteers, officers and employees for any and all personal injury or property damage resulting from my participation.

Photography Waiver

I understand that photographs, pictures, slides, movies, or videos may be taken of me and my guests in connection with my participation in farm activities, and that these pictures may be used on the Montana Pack Goat Experience website, posted on Facebook, or other social media sites.

Conduct and Behavior

I agree to stay in areas to which I am assigned and not enter areas that will place me in undue danger. As an adult, I will supervise my child(ren) at all times. Participation is solely at the discretion of the owners and staff members of the farm. I will always be accompanied by a Volunteer or a member of the staff that is educated and versed in goat herd management and principles. I will follow their direction and keep the safety of others and the herd in mind when I take action.

Hand Sanitation

Interacting with farm animals is an important experience for children and adults. Being able to touch and watch the animals helps people to learn about agriculture and encourages the human-animal bond. Despite the many benefits of interacting with farm animals, people should be aware that farm animals can sometimes carry germs that make people sick. I will protect myself, my family, and the animals on the farm by remembering to wash my hands with soap and warm running water for at least 20 seconds after contact with farm animals. I will use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not readily available. There are no indoor bathrooms available.  Outdoor, composting toilets are available at the farm but not on the trails. 

Terms & Conditions

Weather Policy:

You will receive an email on the night before the event if we are canceling due to weather conditions so that you can plan. In the event of a cancellation due to weather, you will be able to reschedule to another day depending on availability. Special arrangements can be made.

Event Reservations:

Each attendee must have their own reservation verified via e-mail. Children under 18 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult that has their own paid reservation. Anyone coming to observe or to take pictures must have their own reservation. Our session sizes are intentionally small, so do not bring more people than you have made reservations for without the prior permission of the owner. We are trying to limit our hikes to 10 hikers but at times their might be more. We DO NOT require you to wear a mask, however; you are always welcome to wear one if you choose.  By attending the event, you are knowingly coming into contact with people who may or may not be vaccinated.  If you have symptoms of Covid, please contact me to reschedule your hike.

Working with Animals:

If you would like to hold or work with an animal, you will need both hands free and to devote your full concentration. We ask that you do not feed the goats anything at any time.  This includes anything you may have brought with you or picked up while on the trail.  We have Livestock Guardian Dogs in training and in attendance at the farm.  We ask that we you refrain from petting them.   While generally very friendly towards people, our dogs are bred to guard their charges and need to be properly introduced to anyone they might come in contact with. 

Tick and Mosquito Exposure:

Ticks and Mosquito's can pose a health hazard to adults and children if you do not practice good protection. Protection includes but is not limited to: wearing long sleeves and pants, wearing the appropriate bug spray and doing through tick checks once you leave the wooded areas. It is up to each hiker to provide their own bug spray and take all precautions for them and any child that attends the hike.

Trail Conditions:

The trails can get icy, muddy and wet. We recommend that you wear the appropriate foot wear and bring the appropriate clothing layers. We will alert you the day before if the trails are wet.

Payment Policy:

We accept most forms of payment. Cash, Credit Card, Venmo and Paypal. Payments can be made at the beginning of the hike through the farm owner, Roseanna Cintron.  Occasionally, we will also take payment in kind or barter.  If you have something you feel might be of interest, just ask!

Land Use:

Hiking is done on both private and public land.  Participants hike at their own risk. Mud, rocks, leaves, sticks, puddles and other potentially slippery conditions may be encountered. Hiking shoes, boots, sneakers with good traction are highly recommended. Due to the rough terrain and the potential to scare the animals, strollers are not allowed during hikes.

Animal Encounters: 

It is usual to encounter different types of animals during the hikes.  Deer, birds, squirrels, etc. are all seen quite frequently.  Although rare, there is the possibility to encounter other, more dangerous animals such as bears.  Your guide will be carrying bear spray but it is recommend, though not required, that each adult hiker carry bear spray as well.  If there is an animal encounter that the guide deems dangerous, you are required to follow their exact guidence.  Montana Pack Goat Experience is not responsible for injury or death caused by animal encounters.

Goat Hiking  Liability Waiver

Thanks for submitting! We look forward to having you join us on your next Montana Pack Goat Experience!

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