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Noelia de Tierra de Orbigo

Her fancy name is Noelia de Tierra de Orbigo but we call her "Ellie"

Ellie comes from a long line of Champion show dogs in Spain.  Her dam, sire and extended family all have a long list of awards at the Regional and National level.  Both her parents have "A" or "Excellent" rated hips and X-rays for Ellie at 1 year old are very promising.  Although she isn't from "working stock" she is excellent at her job as a Livestock Guardian for our Lamancha Dairy goats.  She is more energetic and playful than what I feel is really "ideal" but she is extremely loyal to her goats and she doesn't know a stranger. 

Sire Leston.jpg

Photos courtesy of Tierra de Orbigo

Sire: Leston de Tierra de Orbigo

Dam: Linda de Tierra de Orbigo

Hip certifications for Parents  
Sire: Leston de Tierra De Orbigo and Dam: Linda De Tierra De Orbigo


Ellie's 12 Month Preliminary Visit for reference 

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