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 J-Haven's Harpy Eagle


DOB: 4/14/2021


  SS: *B Kastdemur's V Wicked Red *DNA*
Sire: *B J-Haven's WR My Main Squeeze (Juice)
SD: GCH J-Haven's PE Cherry Chutney 1*M 
DS: *B J-Haven's Livin' w/Admiration
Dam: Manzinita Farm Admire Flamingo
DD: GCH Kickapoo-Valley All About Emu 1*M (2-02 EX90 VEEE)


When I was cutting down my herd in 2020 in preparation for our upcoming move, I offered Flamingo to my friend, Jill, of J-Haven.  Since Flamingo was a little uneven at the time, I sold her at a discount.  Jill said "at that price, I'll give you a doe kid back if she freshens even next Spring".  Well, I wasn't about to turn down that deal and as luck would have it, Flamingo DID freshen even and with 2 doe kids!  So I got one back and Jill kept the other and I couldn't be more pleased with the result.  In keeping with the "bird" theme with that maternal line, I let my son pick a name for the new kid.  Since she was the meanest, feistiest kid in the pen, even though she was the youngest, he picked "Harpy Eagle" since, in his words "Its supposed to be the meanest bird on the planet".  Love it!  

2023 Show season has been good to Harpy so far.  Consistently placing at the top of her class and going Best Udder in Show in 2 rings and then Best Senior Doe in Show as a two year old was really a thrill.  Can't wait to see what the future has in store for this promising, young doe.





6x1st, 2xGCH, 2xBOB, 2xBUIB, 2xBUIS, 1xBDIS


Dam's Dam: GCH Kickapoo Valley All About Emu 1*M


Sire's Dam: GCH J-Haven's Cherry Chutney 1*M

chutney rear.jpg

2023 Dairy Herd

L to R: Manzinita Farm Jolene, CH Manzinita Farm Madly In Love, J-Haven's Harpy Eagle, GCH Manzinita Farm Mad Resurrection 

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