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Green Pastures Bravo the Great Mordu

His fancy name is Green Pastures Bravo the Great Mordu but we call him "Jangles"

Jangles is only 8 months old and already 148 pounds.  He is going to be a big, big boy.  To me, Mr. Jangles epitomizes all that is wonderful about this breed.  Truly a gentle giant, he loves nothing more than to lay quietly in a corner of the pasture and keep a watchful eye on his charges.  He is an absolutely love bug and patient and quiet with even the smallest children.  He is submissive to his goats but very fierce to any stray dog that happens to come to close to the fence line he protects.  It's a good thing that fence is between them because Mr. Jangles knows his job and excels at it at only 8 months old.   Can't wait to see this big baby grow up.


Jangles had his 1 year old check up and first look hip x-ray on his birthday.  He weighed in at a lean 171 pounds as I have been trying to keep him from growing too quickly to limit undue strain on his growing joints and bones.  The vet was very happy with him and his x-rays, gave him an unoffical "very good" and cleared him for future breeding very easily.  He will get his offical OFA xrays at 2 years old but for now, he is on track and we couldn't be more pleased with him.    

October 2023 Check up

Jangles did wonderfully at his annual vet check.  He weighs in at a lean 200+ pounds.  The vet was very happy with his body condition and he took his annual vaccinations in stride with his usual good nature. 

Photos courtesy of Moorefamilynewfoundlands

dam heidi.jpg

Sire: Ike Tornando Erben

Dam: Heidi Priehrada


Jangle's 12 Month Preliminary Visit for reference 

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