We really enjoy our goats both here at the farm and while at shows and the fair.  Here are some of our favorite moments.  




Kharma came to us as a bred 2 year old from the Jen-Mae-Ka Kids herd.  She was purchased with the idea that she was to be a foundation doe in our quest to get serious about improving our herd and becoming more competitive in the show ring.  She holds a very special place in our hearts being the first goat that my son, Blade, was able to bring home a ribbon with.  Like many people, when we first got into goats, it was "just for fun" and our genetics were... well, just for fun.  The boys had a good time showing our starter herd but they got very used to standing middle of the pack and were experts at being "good sports".  Kharma changed all that for Blade when she went Grand Champion and then Best Doe in Show at our county fair.  The look on Blade's face when they announced the winner really says it all.   Kharma is an absolute dictator with the other does in the herd, she is the matriarch and rules with an iron hoof.  No one, but no one, eats until Kharma has had her fill and allows it.  Although her kids are pulled at birth to be bottle raised, that doesn't stop her from adopting one or two as "hers" once the bottle babies are reintroduced to the herd several months later.  She has fostered several kids and they are the only ones she allows to share her food or her favorite spot in the hay.  We love Kharma with all our hearts and now, at 6 years old, look forward to many, many more years of having her with us.  

It's not all about the ribbons...

Although it IS nice to win sometimes, showing goats for us is not all about the ribbons.  It's about the fun, fellowship and friends that we make along the way, both in the ring and outside of it.  That's what motivates us and that's what keeps us coming back for more... the good times and the memories that we make along the way.

At the 2015 Indiana State Fair, we were fortunate enough to have the 1st place udder with Firefly (2 yr old) and 1st place udder with Elizabeth (yearling milker)  Here we are in the line up being judged for Best Udder of Breed.  Although we were not chosen, it was a real honor to compete and stand in the line up with the ADGA National Champion Lamanca, GCH J-Haven's Livin w/ Ambition 1*M , who you see standing as 1st place udder aged doe and who was chosen to receive the award that day.  Tough competition?  Absolutly!  We wouldn't have it any other way.

2015 Indiana State Fair

Line up for Best Udder of Breed



As much as we love them, sometimes we have to let them go to a new home.  Such was the case with DeeJay who had been with us for several years.  It's a bit easier on the heart when you know they will continue to be loved and cared for by their new owners.  DJ is pictured here with me last year and on the day she met her new owner, Tabitha, and her young son.  As you can see, DJ seemed okay with the new arrangement as long as she has someone to hug her. 

Sometimes you have to say Goodbye.