Barnowl Quavilla


DOB: 3/12/2014

Dam's Dam:  CH Barnowl Quaffle 

Sire's Dam:  SGCH Here Be Goats Mai Tai 4*M

Dam:  CH Barnowl Quill

Sire:   Here Be Goats KUA Manhattan


Quavilla is a quirky personality who loves attention.  She is a very dairy type doe with smoothly blended shoulders and a long, lean neck. Quavilla freshened at 13 months with a lovely, globular mammary.  She is currently milking just under 10# a day.




     SS: *B Kastdemur’s Up & Atom (2-04 LA 91 EEE)

 Sire:   Here Be Goats KUA Manhattan (2-0 LA87  VVV)

    SD:   SGCH Here Be Goats KTL Mai Tai 4*M (4-01 LA 89 VEVE, 5-01 LA 90 VEVE)

    DS:   Barnowl Blade (2-0 FS90 VEE)

Dam:   CH Barnowl Quill (2-0 LA89 VV+E)

    DD:  CH Barnowl Quaffle ( FS92 EEEE)