Reservation Policy


I am currently accepting deposits for planned breedings for 2020.  I will accept 2 buck and 1 doe reservation per doe.  Your reservation is not final until I receive the deposit and/or your check clears.  For this reason, I recommend using paypal for deposits.  All planned breedings are subject to change. Deposits are $100 per reservation and will hold the kid of your choice once it is born.  Once you are notified that your kid is born, the balance of your payment in full is due within 7 days and farm pickup within 10 days. There will be a $5.00 per day, per kid fee for everyday past 10 days that the kid(s) is not picked up.  Kids are reserved and does due date listed months in advance.  Please be prepared to pick up your kid within 10 days of it's birth to avoid the daily fee. 


I reserve the right to retain any kid for my breeding program even if I have previously accepted a reservation.  In that case, your deposit will be refunded or you may choose to let it ride for the following year.  If your chosen breeding does not result in your kid being born, you will be refunded your deposit or offered first choice on any other available kid.  We want you to be happy with your purchase and we will make every effort to insure that your new goat is a great addition to your herd.


I ship kids from Indianapolis International Airport. The cost of shipping, crate, CVI and any additional testing required for entry into your state is responsibility of the buyer. For this purpose, a $400 shipping advance must be paid before kids can be shipped. There is also a $50 convivence fee.  This covers my gas/transport cost to and from the airport (100 miles RT), transport and time to and from the vet and the attentional paperwork and time involved in shipping a kid via the airlines.  Once your kids are at the airport and I have an exact total, I will notify you of the difference/overage.  All kids must be paid in full before your registration papers will be issued.  I will register your kid and transfer it into your name, free of charge.  All kids must have the shipping deposit paid and the buyer willing to accept shipment of the kid by 4 weeks of age unless we make a mutual determination that it is not in the best interest of the animal to ship at that age. Animals not shipped or picked up by 4 weeks of age unless by mutual agreement of the buyer and seller will forfeit deposits.  Please note:  There are no refunds on canceled orders. 

I will not ship or sell an animal that is not 100% healthy.   I will happily provide any additional health tests at the buyers expense prior to the goat leaving my farm. It is the buyer's responsibility to request the additional testing and pay for it in advance.  IF the animal were to come back positive for any test, the monies for the testing will be refunded to the buyer along with any deposit made to hold the animal.  Once an animal leaves the farm however, the responsibility of the animal's health falls to the buyer.  I will replace or refund any goat that is proven by a licensed veterinarian to have a genetic inability to breed.  Does must have never freshened and bucks have no offspring. If an animal has a genetic defect that would disqualify it (or be considered a very serious fault) from the show ring and that defect was unnoticed by both myself and the buyer at the time of sale, I will offer a kid from a subsequent breeding of equal value (of my choice) as compensation.  


Our herd is 100% CAE negative and we do test annually, usually in Dec/Jan before kidding season.  Our kids receive multiple vaccines at birth and are very growthy and healthy.  Our current CAE results are listed below for your review.