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The Montana Pack Goat Experience


The Greatest Of All Time! (G.O.A.T.)

Have you ever dreamed about packing into the Montana back country, fishing that hidden glacier lake, seeing wildlife up close or maybe just becoming more in tune with our natural world and landscapes, but physically it just seemed too much of a challange to get yourself and your gear miles off the beaten track?  Well, start planning your next adventure and let our goats pack in your gear for you!  It's the perfect way to enjoy everything Montana has to offer and all you have to carry with you is your water bottle and your camera.

It's a perfect solution for those with some physical limitations, families with small children that need to be carried in backpacks or even those who just want to spend less energy carrying a heavy pack and more time enjoying the surrounding countryside. We can customize each outing to fit your individual needs or bucket list.  A truly unique adventure for those looking for an authentic Montana experience.  

Customize Your Experience

Goat Therapy

Come spend time de-stressing by interacting with out gentle and loving goats.  Animal therapy is a proven method of relaxation and a temporary reprieve from our modern day worries. New baby goats are available for snuggling each Spring and our older gals are available all year long.  

Day Hikes

Not so much a "hike" and more what we like to call a "mosey".  We offer several goat walks that can be customized for any age or ability level.  Usually taking between 1-2 hours and covering 1-3 gentle miles.

Overnight Trips

Now the Montana back country is accessible to everyone!  Wither you want to really get off the beaten trail and stay for several nights, or you envision a memorable and unique way to round out your once in a life time vacation, let our fit and healthy goats carry the camping gear leaving you free to take pictures and enjoy the journey.

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