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Livestock Guardian Dogs

Manzinita Farm Spanish Mastiffs

Purebred Spanish Mastiffs of working & show lines from the U.S, Spain and Czech Republic

When we started our Lamancha dairy goat journey many moons ago, we lived in Arizona and had no real predator threat.  After moving to Indiana in 2011 and laying awake at night listening to the coyotes howling, we knew it was time to get a Livestock Guardian Dog or two.  Our first LGD was a mixed Great Pyrenees we bought from Craigslist as a two year old.  Although we loved him and have him till this day, we have realized that there are certain inherent qualities for his breed that we aren't crazy about.  His night barking, tendency to wander and disrespect of fences have made him less than ideal for us.  And so the search started for a different breed of livestock guardian that did not typically posses these traits.  Some good friends of ours raised Spanish Mastiffs and I was constantly impressed by these gentle giants.  Not only were they loving and gentle with both small children and tiny goat kids, they were also quiet and more apt to be laying in the shade quietly watching over their charges than trying to dig under or jump over the pasture fence.  And so my journey into breeding, raising and working with this wonderful breed began.


Why buy a Manzinita Farm
Spanish Mastiff?

Although our dogs are all registered or Purebred we breed for temperament and mindset as a Livestock Guardian above all else.  Our dogs are working dogs, living with and protecting their charges wether they are goats, sheep, cattle, poultry or their human family. They are thoroughly socialized to other dogs, children and visitors starting as young puppies.  Our adult dogs are all health tested and OFA screened prior to breeding.  We also DNA our dogs through Embark so you can rest assured you are getting a purebred, quality pup with no known genetic issues. 


How can I reserve my puppy?

Reserving your Manzinita Farm Spanish Mastiff puppy is easy.  Just click on the link below and fill out a short questionnaire and reservation request.  We do our best to match each puppy with the circumstances that best fit their individual personality so please be as through as possible when filling out the form.  Whether you are looking for a working LGD or a loving family pet, we do our utmost to insure the perfect fit for your family and needs. 

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