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CH Manzinita Farm KE Shenanigans


DOB: 3/22/2018

SS:  +*B SGCH Kastdemur's SA Stingray (5-04 EX90 VEE)
Sire: *B CH Kastdemur's Elijah  
SD: GCH Kastdemru's LS Silvermist 4*M (2-06 EX91 EEEE)
DS: Autumn-Acres Day Blizzard
Dam: CH Manzinita Farm Trickster 12*M (2-04 EX91 EEEE)

DD: Little Orchard KS Rosebud 11*M (3-02 EX90 VEEE)



2 x 1st, 1 x GCH
5 x 1st, 5 x RGCH, 3 x GCH, 


PROGENY IN THE HERD:  Manzinita Farm Cattywampus

   Oh Shenanigans...  One of triplet doe kids born to Trixie that year, Shenanigans was sold to a good friend as a kid while I retained her two littermate sisters.  When I was given the chance to buy her back later that same year, I jumped on it.  As it turned out, after the three sisters freshened as yearlings, I sold the other two and kept her!  Although Shenanigans is not the long/tall style doe I normally gravitate to (as her dam and sisters were), she is a very correct and dairy doe in her own right.  If that weren't enough to convice me that she needed to stay, her rear udder would have.  The most perfect teat placement you could ever ask for and an improvement over her dam in extention of fore udder, Shenanigans has defintatly more than earned her place in our show string.  With two RGCH wins behind herdmate Love, I know it's just a matter of time until it's her time to shine. 

BJDIS farmer city 2018.jpg

Intermediate Kid

Shenanigans yearling.jpg

Yearling Milker


2 year old

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